The more than 100 years old sea fort Middelgrundsfortet was built during the reign of King Christian IX. Middelgrundsfortet is the biggest and most preserved sea fort in Denmark. It is the worlds largest artificially built island without abutment. It is placed in the Sea of Oresund. Completely different - and very unique!

Middelgrundsfortet offers fully equipped meeting - and conference rooms, rustic hotel rooms with a fantastic view overlooking the sea and a historical, maritime atmosphere.
Our professional chefs prepare selected menus, served with excellent wines from the wine cellar.

Middelgrundsfortet hosts a wide range of exiting activities: a historical guided tour, Treasure Hunting, "Prisoners at the Fort" - and much more!   

At Middelgrundsfortet we provide companies with ideal facilities for all sorts of meetings, conferences, curses, product introductions, team-building etc. The hilly landscape, the heights, the harbour, the dark corridors and all the exiting and historical rooms create a perfect atmosphere for different, inspiring and exiting experiences.

The trip to Middelgrundsfortet only takes from 3 to 25 minutes. Arrive in our helicopter or enjoy the beautiful sail in one of the fort ferries.

For further information, menus, rates ect. please contact us:

Mail: info@fortet.dk
Tel.: +45-38254444


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011